Data preparation

Simulation scenarios are launched from a parameter file that contains global parameters of the simulation.

Simulation data must be placed in data/models/<model_code>/<scenario_name>/inputs (see Repository structure). <model_code> and <scenario_name> must correspond to the respective fields ‘code’ and ‘scenario’ of the simulation parameters.

Simulation run

Once you have setup your execution environment (either on your device or with Docker, see Installation) and your simulation data (see Inputs and outputs), you can run your scenario.

Simulations are run by executing the script from the project root with the path to your scenario folder. For instance:

python3 data/models/SB_VS/my_scenario/

For more information about the options of use the -h (or --help) option:

python3 -h

Run with Docker

With Docker, this can be done in detached mode with

docker run -d -v "$(pwd)":/starling_dir/ --name container_name starling\
    bash -c "python3 data/models/SB_VS/my_scenario/"

or in interactive mode with

docker run -it -v "$(pwd)":/starling_dir/ --name container_name starling

and then run the command line from inside the container.